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FoCV Bulletins & other information.

Here you will find The Friends of Cradle Valley information bulletins, AGM minutes and other correspondence.

Links to downloadable information in PDF format.
 Date  Subject

 Bulletin Links. To download. Right Click, select "Save Target As".

 07/12/2018  FoCV AGM Minutes  FoCV Docs\FoCV AGM minutes 06-12-2018
 29/09/2018  FoCV Submission on Dove Lake developments  FoCV Docs\FoCV Submission on Dove Lake developments 27-09-2018
 02/02/2018  Letter to MP's with questions about Cradle Developements  Letter to MP's about Cradle Developments
 30/01/2018  FoCV Special Meeting Notes re changes to CVMP  FoCV Notice to members 21-01-2018
 24/11/2017  FoCV AGM Minutes  FoCV AGM Minutes 11-11-17
 08/0/2017  FoCV Bulletin-Recent Weindorfer Memorial Service  FoCV Bulletin 08-01-17
07/03/2018  All 2016  FoCV Bulletins & other Correspondence  All 2016 FoCV Files in one ZIP Archive

    Previous years bulletins available upon request.     

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